Will the Machines Love Us?

Gmail – foursquare :: You just unlocked the Super Swarm badge! – chrisdrinkut@gmail.com.

Is foursquare’s back-patting automation an indicator of the robo-lives we’ll one day live?

Here’s the scenario. You’ve spent a night out at a tech conference in Austin. You didn’t go over board but you did spend some time out. You “Checked In” as you stopped from party to party. And now, you enter your email (Gmail) and find…

Hey there –

Congrats! Your checkin to Speakeasy just unlocked Super Swarm – Know what you call a 50 person swarm at SXSW? The Hilton Lobby. So we upped the ante to 250 and you still nailed it. Well played!

A nice little note reminding you that someone cares. Albeit a pre-programed message, and an automated response – this type of thing could seriously become a mainstay of gps-tracking, online living, digital life.


Just my two cents.

On the Plane

Sitting  on the plane on my way to sxsw. Flipping between my counter-culture magazine and a book on gaining political and marketing power through effective communication a 7 inch monitor embedded in the back of the seat in front of me 20 inches from my face flashes with the hyper-consumerism my magazine tells me to subvert.

I’m glad for a depature of the norm. It is – at least half true – what they say, that, “the road heals all wounds”. Luckily I’m already getting that “actualized” feeling that often comes with travel and i’m reminded even as i write of the history of travel writers. Their lineage is full with half-baked stories of fantasy too grand for illustration.

Yet, my hope entails the expression of these moments. Moments when the traveler finds something too great to express – something too grand to behold. Yet, there we go, traveling on into depths of self-discovery, into unchartered territories for perhaps the greater good, or even more possibly selfish reasons.

Whatever it is that compels us to travel, i’m content – for the moment – to simply propose my theories about it and document.

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Engagement: How We Now Do Marketing

Engagement is that really so important?

I read a blog post recently commenting on the differences of publishing and marketing in today’s new media marketing environment. And it’s a great point to make. Today’s social media marketing approach is quite different than that of simply publishing content.

And while we, as new media marketers, do a large number of ‘awareness’ campaigns, we know too that engagement is the solidifying factor; not simply the icing on the cake, but the proverbial glue that brings it all together.stick together

So, pushing pushy products without any real concern for the validity and value of a product – accordingly – has a limited shelf life as an approach to sharing your brand’s story and driving interest. Moreover, understanding a community and being (1) capable and (2) willing to engage on that very honest level is currently how it’s getting done.

If your agency, if your company is online in the networks and isn’t bolstering their campaigns and programs with genuine engagement you need a redirect. Remember people talk to other people and without trying, you may well already have a reputation online.

Keep today’s new rules for engagement in mind. Find your influencers, stay relevant, and stay engaged. As you pursue success with your own ‘engagement’ campaigns, don’t forget new opportunities do arise. Here are a few to consider.

Spring and Summer Potentials for Your Next Community Engagement Campaign

foursquare_logoGo Mobile & Get Social ~ Mobile will sweep you and your customers away this summer. While the gadgets take a beating occasionally we know they likely aren’t going anywhere soon. And now with 4G approaching and iPhone look-a-like/act-a-likes on the market the marriage of mobile and social networks continues to gain shape and evidence in our lives.

Businesses should find ways to share their unique value proposition in places where they can be found.

There are a growing number of case studiesarticles, and blog posts pointing to this potential. So, let’s get to it.

Yelp, the nifty review site, is a resource and opportunity for local and smaller businesses looking to tap the web for work. Consider yelp-logotapping into Yelp’s free business tools. And again, recognize Yelp has a collaborative, simplifying aspect that we hope to see in more of the tools and networks we use. Resources of this type have a promise and staying power that complicated systems just cannot enjoy. Choose wisely and don’t avoid building with the long-view in mind.

The need to clarify and simplify continues to go unfulfilled. Use that.

Wear-down of Networks ~ A lot of people are still looking for that one-in-all tool that can help make things online cleaner, simpler and less frantic. Businesses should be aware of the exhaustion and obscurity potentials when asking cusotmers and clients to join yet another group, page, network, or outing. Some poeple need more, most need less.

For instance, the recent announcement of Google Buzz left a lot of social media enthusiasts saying, “no more, please!” Though it’s usefulness, at least in my mind, is closely tied to it’s namesakes suite and the ability to bring regular users one step closer to Wave, Google Buzz, still represents, just that, another network.

Gist is an organization tool from a company that understands users have a need to up with contacts across multiple networks. I’ve just recently started using this service, but really like it so far. The modules that bring items including email attachments, searches for individual contacts, RSS feeds and more all together really do seem like a potential time-saver and advantage.