Time is the BIGGEST Issue for PR Pros Today

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Surfing around the web tonight (and cleaning up my blog a bit) I found a tweet to this here article about the issue of time. It seems that folks in the pr industry are feeling the brunt of the wild work world of new media, social media.

The pace of technological evolution is neck-breaking to say the least. This past week the New York Times printed an article on the influence increased gadgetry, along with computer and internet time are having on the minds of our tech-drunk? generation. Read, Hooked on Gadgets, Paying a Mental Price to get the gist.

It is  a bit concerning, but nothing we haven’t probably gone through with other generations’ adoption of new technologies, new media. Course, I’m experiencing and trying to stay up on these things in my day to day work. If you have things to share concerning the issue – I”m all ears … except when I’m thumbs and fingers typing away on my cell phone. Bah.

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