@eMarketer on SMB spend toward Websites, Email and Social Media

A wide swath of small to medium sized businesses focused on their website this years as eMarkter reveals website spending in 2010 is up. Moreover, continued cash flow toward websites (17%), email (15%), and social media (13%) is predicted.

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Small Businesses Focus Online Spend on Websites
Looking to other low-cost marketing options
This year, SMB allocation of online marketing budgets leaned toward websites, where 27% of SMBs with 1,000 or fewer employees spent at least 30% of their budget. Email took second place with 18% devoting 30% or more, followed by social media, where 10% of SMBs said they spent at least three in 10 marketing dollars.
Allocation of Online Marketing Spending in 2010 According to US SMBs (% of respondents)
The tilt toward investment in websites should continue, as 17% of respondents said they planned to increase budgets for their site in 2011—the highest percentage planning to up any budget line item. In comparison, 15% said they would spend more next year on email and 13% on social media.
Features on Websites of US SMBs*, Oct 2010 (% of respondents)

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