Curating Cool: Open Communities, Interactive Design, and Drinking Zeitgeists

Here’s a list of some things I’ve found around the web recently that I figured I’d put the, “okay by me” stamp on. Keep it coming cool world; and thanks for the inspiration.

How about a littl’ Breakfast?

Breakfast is a Brooklyn based physical-digital, interactive agency that has been heralded as the “#1 Digital Agency,” by social media blog Mashable. Other interesting accolades for this edgy group include the various news items and coverage that their client campaigns receive. The list of these include spots in Fast Company, Boing Boing, PSFK, ADWeek, and Mashable for campaigns such as The Conan Blimp (see video), The Bike with a Brain, and Instatprint – the Location Photo Booth.

The Conan Blimp – Case Study from BREAKFAST ny on Vimeo.

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IDEO’s Tom Hulme on Open Communities

Tom Hulme, founder of Open IDEO – a platform to solve social challenges, shares, as he puts it, “some learnings from the project” in his keynote presentation at Intersections. The tagline at Open IDEO is, “where people design better, together.” The project marks the design company’s (first?) step as host and curator into  the world of open communities. Conscious versus unconscious, and open versus closed challenges, are some of the concepts Hulme touches on in his talk.

Intersections Day One: Tom Hulme.

A couple of other interesting items found during this little adventure include the startup tools slide-deck created by IDEOers. It provides links to various items including branding, user experience, strategy, and funding. Another compelling find is the video of IDEO founder David KellyCreative Confidence, Innovation, and the Power of a Child’s Mind.

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Putting a Flashlight on this year’s SXSW

Toronto based designer, Peter Flaschner (aka @Flashlight) share’s his view of SXSW 2011 in his post Drinking the Zeitgeist.

Flaschner’s list of observations includes warnings and insights like: Geek Culture = Popular CultureGroup Messaging is the Next Big Thing; and, Game Mechanics in the Real-World. The post spills out some compelling ideas, and is ultimately an interesting take on Austin’s hippest event. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend giving him a follow, and it a read.