Introducing Scrible: A New Way to Research, Annotate and Bookmark Online Content

Book author and technology evangelist, Robert Scoble (aka Scobleizer) tweeted out this interview with Scrible co-founder and CEO Victor Karkar recently. The service, Scrible provides those interested with the ability to research, annotate, and bookmark web-based content through a browser application, or bookmarklet. The founder believe’s it is a tool that can revolutionize the bookmarking experience.

Many people have tried to do something in this space, but the user experience has not been great. We’ve thought very deeply about how to make the user experience good, and natural, and intuitive. Conceptually, we’re trying to let people be able to manipulate content at a more granular level on the Web than they’ve ever been able to do before.

By providing a means for users to not only tag and qualify content, Scrible gives researchers the extended ability to also catalog and share notes created. Scrible users can underline, bolden, change color or strike through text on any webpage with the service. Users can also create notes (like the orange one below). The notes and the ‘scribbles’ can be shared with others via email.

Engadget News Article

The fact that Scrible can serve as a stand-alone bookmarking service is another benefit to users. Users aren’t required to draft notes or to scribble on the pages they save. If you choose, you can simply bookmark and revisit pages in your personal library, tagging them in a traditional bookmarking fashion.

Scrible Personal Library

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