The Design Influenced Business Model

Change-of-pace ideas come from the willingness to push the envelope.

Good ideas often come from disrupting the status quo, even challenging the approaches that we have (in our ‘way of thinking’) in business, and all areas of life.

This slidedeck does some phenomenal things to sharpen my thinking and to get me to see business modeling in a new way. That is it’s intent, and – for me at least – it’s done a good job at accomplishing it’s purposes. It was created by Colin Raney. You can also find him online at Twitter, and SlideShare.

Modeling for Non-Profits

I’ve had the distinct pleasure in the past week or so to find myself in a conversation about modeling the non-profit. Matthew Best is a non-profit consultant and happens to occupy a board seat that I also am a board member of. He consistently helps identify clear steps for reigning in the variety of tasks, jobs, and needs that an early-stage non-profit has.

I happen to run across some resources generated by Mr. Best in drafting up this post. You can hear podcast with Matt, or see a guest post of his highlighting the need to FOCUS in business. This is great advice for non or for-profit alike.

What are some of your favorite, or go-to resources for these kind of things?


2 thoughts on “The Design Influenced Business Model

  1. Christopher Drinkut

    Thanks Amy! .. It is fun getting to experiment … especially when the intent is to ultimately make a difference.

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