5 Technology Posts to Jumpstart Your Week

Marketers Look to Integrate Social, E-Mail, and Mobile in 2012

Loyalty, Customer Retention, and Awareness top the list of eMarketer’s most recent study on how top executives value social media interaction in 2012. 

“Business executives said they are focusing on building out social media on key channels such as Facebook and Twitter in the coming year: 39% plan to increase spending on Facebook marketing programs, and 24% on Twitter.”

Google+ Adds Filtering Tools, Multiple Page Admins and more

Getting the most of Plus as a personal or business user continues to see features added. Notably part of Google’s long-term strategy with their social network, Google Plus offers updates from, the developers claim, user feedback.

Facebook Introduces Private Messages Between Business Pages and Fans

New Facebook features allow for increased communication between Facebook Page Administrators and general Users. Users (in Asia only so far) are now able to send a private, direct message to a page’s Administrators. In other Facebook news, last Thursday, the social networking site made it’s timeline feature available to all users.

Inside the Atlantic: How One Magazine Got Profitable by Going Digital First

Print magazines appear to be hitting their strides in the digital age. Last week Consumer Reports, and now this week The Atlantic both boast of profits via their digital sites“With consecutive quarterly growth in both print and digital advertising sales, The Atlantic has emerged as a vanguard in an industry harassed by declining ad revenues and falling circulations.” 

Wearing Your Computer On Your Sleeve

On the New York Times, Bits Blog, Nick Bilton makes predictions on ‘wear’ tech disruptions may come from in the not too distant future. Bilton sites the centrality and importance of the smartphone in linking all of the technology and communicative aspects together. “Over the next 10 years, he says, he envisions that people will be wearing glasses with built-in screens and, eventually, contact lenses — with working displays.” 


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