A Run-Down on SOPA and PIPA [Video] Why It Matters

No doubt you’ve seen or heard about the #blackouts over SOPA and PIPA. I have some links and content to share to help spread awareness about the initiatives and why they are important.


The Senate is set to vote on the Internet Censorship Bill on January 24, 2012.

Contact your local Senators and Representatives to tell them that you want to Stop Online Piracy without breaking the Internet. As they currently are written the bills stand to have a negative impact on online freedom of speech – and give an unfair weight of authority to (large) media companies. They need revised, not necessarily thrown-out.

Visit Wikipedia to enter your zip code and contact your state Representatives and Senators to ask them to rewrite, or refuse SOPA and PIPA.




Luckily, President Obama has said that he will veto the bill as it is today. BUT, now is the time to help ALL Legislators, and elected leaders understand that we do not want laws of this nature. Keep the Internet free of unwarranted corporate meddling.

What might happen if the bills were voted in as is?

SOPA PIPA Internet Piracy Censorship Debate
SOPA PIPA Internet Piracy Censorship Debate

On TIMETechland blog, Jerry Brito wrote, “Imagine if the U.K. created a blacklist of American newspapers that its courts found violated celebrities’ privacy? Or what if France blocked American sites it believed contained hate speech?”[22] Similarly, the Center for Democracy and Technology warned, “If SOPA and PIPA are enacted, the US government must be prepared for other governments to follow suit, in service to whatever social policies they believe are important—whether restricting hate speech, insults to public officials, or political dissent.”

Mashable has a pretty nice timeline of events

The Savage (Noble) has written about it: Web-Sharing Blackout

CNET: Silicon Valley Execs Blast SOPA in an Open Letter

PC World: SOPA and PIPA Just the Facts 

Chicago Times: Wikipedia, Google Protest SOPA PIPA Anti-Piracy Proposals

*Please share and please contact your local Representatives to let them know to VOTE NO on the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

Take care, and thanks for reading!


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