Super Bowl Ad Winners, Losers, Break-Down and Analysis

Tom Brady
Giants Win Super Bowl 46

Super Bowl XLVI is now in the record books. The Giants had another great outing defeating the veteran Patriots who led deep into the 4th quarter, only to be surpassed in the closing minutes of the match-up.

Many of us enjoyed the game, along with the obligatory commercials, while commenting and interacting with others online. Social TV or updating social media while you watch television continues to provide an enjoyable, and meaningful experience for Internet users. One social network that has really tried to tap into the popularity of this interest is GetGlue. One thing that surprised me is how few of this year’s Super Ads tried to leverage social media.

Oh, the Commercials

It is reported that over 60% of watchers view the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials. This may be of no surprise to you, and it may be no surprise that YouTube was one of many online entities supporting viewers interest in Super Bowl commercials with their own offering.

Ad Blitz 2012 YouTube Channel
Ad Blitz provides viewers with a chance to view and rate all of the commercials from Super Bowl 46

Ad Blitz, a YouTube channel, archived all the commercials from Super Bowl 46. You can watch all of them at At Blitz, and you can even rate them thumbs up or thumbs down.

Was that it? Really?

Sentiment following the Big Game – from my vantage – was rather tepid. Yeah, there were some funny parts, and yeah, there were a few emotional moments, but overall none of the commercials really created a break-away response. And, nothing tied in social media as much as I thought it would.

Julie Lando, Owner and President of Moxie a design and marketing company based in York, Pennsylvania, shared her thoughts on the commercials via twitter:

And she wasn’t alone. Others shared the feeling of disappointment as well.

Ultimately, it appears there were no big winners in the ad department (the game was close too). Aside from the inclusion of a few hashtags, ‘find us on facebook mentions’, and QR Code use, the ads did not connect to the online world in a very noticeable way.

One might have thought that we would have seen an Old Spice type of revival. Perhaps a social media scavenger hunt, where viewers would be encouraged to bop around the Internet in chase of decoder rings, or exclusive offers all the while leaving a trail of ad perfume along the way. But no. There were no major social network tie-ins (among the commercials) to speak of. And that was disappointing.

Super Bowl Ad Winners

That said, there we good commercials.

Chrysler hit a note with an emotional commercial starring actor, Clint Eastwood. Much (much) like the commercial they aired during Super Bowl 45, Chrysler’s ad packed powerful emotion.

Another solid commercial was that created by Philadelphia-based Advertising Agency, Red Tettemer. Their commercial, which was a Century 21 spot, combined strong elements including a believable, and yet magical hero, celebrity, style and a bit of humor. You can view the ad, which featured Donald Trump, here.

Edward Boches is the creator of #brandbowl a sentiment and response meter for Super Bowl Commercials. Brand bowl found Doritos to be the overall winner of the commercial line-up. Their ad combined the heavily relied upon tropes pets and humor.

No doubt, the bowl is about football, but with 60% watching for commercials – commercial culture thrives. Ultimately, as Boches declares in his analysis of the commercial line-up in his latest post:

“…it’s not about using the media, it’s about what you do with it. You still need a creative idea.”

Other Industry Participant Takes on this years disappointment bowl include:


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